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Rapid Background Image Maker

If you want to create a background image for your web site and are not very familiar with Photoshop, use this online Background Image Maker, which produces it in a minute.

This tool is nothing new on internet, but it’s functional, user friendly and reliable. All you have to do is set couple of parameters of desired background.

Background Image Maker Options

  • Type of background, currently available are:
    • Slash
    • Strip
    • Dot
    • Gradient
  • Background Margin
  • Line Color (foreground color)
  • Background Color
  • Size of background pattern
  • Value of Alpha channel (transparency)
  • Additional options, currently Reverse

Once your background image is set up, press the Make button and the PNG image is generated (100×100 pix default). You can download it by right click on generated image and select “Save Image” from the menu. There’s also possible to use the link, generated with a background image for further use – save it as a bookmark for further review, send it to somebody for any purpose, use this link as a temporary background while developing new web, etc.

Rapid Background Image Maker

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