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Online Image Reflection Maker

This free handy online tool allows you to generate reflection below image to give it Web 2.0 look. There is no action required besides basic set of options. Great tool for non-photoshop developers who want to fresh up graphic design.

As you all know, the Web 2.0 came up with reflections of graphics as a new design trend. I must say that in some cases, reflected images and graphics are pretty eye-catching. If you are looking for easy-to-use free online reflection image maker, here is the right one.

5 Steps to Get Your Image Reflected

  • Select desired image from your desktop or enter the link of it.
  • Set reflection size from 0 to 100 by sliding to desired value.
  • Enter background color or pick one from colorpicker.
  • Press generate button to get immediate preview of reflected image.
  • Press download button to get down your image, if preview was OK.

Pretty easy, usefull tool with impressive results! Don’t be discouraged if reflected image doesn’t look as you wish at the first attempt. Try play with uploaded original image to get what you wish, especialy when you are not satisfied with distance of image itself and reflection – this depends on the distance of bottom line of original image. Use and enjoy!

Image Reflection Maker

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