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Free Online Tartan Maker

Do you like a scotish style? Would you like to have a tartan pattern as a background of your site? This online Tartan Maker allows you to create nice tartan images without Photoshop or any other graphic editor skills.

The online Tartan Maker offers you to set three colors (by picking from color picker or direct entry of color hex code) of tartan cubes which create the base of image. Then you can control dimensions of these cubes by sliders to adjust look of tartan pattern. There’s also possibility to select an orientation of created tartan and set the yarn size. Changes must be confirmed by clicking on make it! writing which appears after any change right on the tartan pattern.

You can bookmark your favorite tartans by simply pressing CTRL + D (Win/Linux) / CMD + D (Mac) for later use or download it directly from the Tartan Maker.

Free Online Tartan Maker

One Response to “Free Online Tartan Maker”

  1. The tartan designer you describe is quite fun to play around with. But the one at is far better for anyone interested in tartans, with the ability to load any official tartan as a starting point, and much better tools.

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