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SlickPlan: Beautiful Sitemaps and Flowcharts

If you want to have nice sitemaps and navigation flowcharts on your website, just use free web-based generator called SlickPlan. This tool allows you to create free flowcharts and sitemaps quickly and easily.

SlickPlan was developed with PHP/MySQL and jQuery and is intended for web designers and developers but not only for them. Anyone who needs a quick and professional sitemap or flowchart for their planning project can use this handy tool.

SlickPlan Features

  • Creating unlimited sitemaps
  • Send HTML sitemap links to your clients quickly
  • Sitemaps can be exported in PDF format
  • Easy organization
  • Generates HTML navigation

Hurry up! Create your account and start to generate eye-catching sitemaps on your project. It’s as easy as drag & drop and export!

SlickPlan Sitemaps and Flowcharts

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