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PageLime: Fast and Funny Remote CMS

Have you ever heard about CMS which is dislocated from your web site? A CMS which would be able to manage content of your web site remotely? Here it is – the PageLime!

PageLime is a Content Management System (CMS) which is hosted by third party and allows you to update the content, images, and documents on your web site without installing any software.

Imagine, you have your site located on some server, using hosting services of some provider. Pages of your site are OK, but you need to change their content occasionally. Since you have not used some CMS to create pages, update or edit them could be a problem now. And this is a situation when PageLime comes with its solution.

All you have to do is just create an account at PageLime portal and set couple of basic parameters to enable system to have control over your pages. More details what and how to do it can be found in this video.

Since now, anytime you will need to edit the content of your pages, you just login to the PageLime control centre and you can do so from there comfortably.

Note: At the time of writing this post, the PageLime had compatibility problem with Opera 10.0 browser and recommended me to use IE 7+, FF 2+, Safari 3+ or Chrome.

PageLime Remote CMS

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