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Desktop Apps by Titanium

Titanium is the first open platform for building rich desktop applications by using classic web technologies – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Titanium Appcelerator is:

  • Open source
    Titanium is licensed under the Apache Public License (version 2)
  • Open web
    Use standard HTML, CSS and Javascript to build rich desktop apps
  • Open desktop
    Run your apps on Windows, Mac and Linux (coming soon!)
  • Open API
    Add rich desktop capabilities to your apps using a simple Javascript API

Titanium can be downloaded and installed for Windows, Mac or Linux. Once installed, you are ready to start building rich desktop apps. Titanium-based apps currently run on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also download the source code for Titanium.

Titanium includes:

  • Support for Windows and Mac OSX runtimes
  • Built-in database support
  • Native windowing
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Application and system menu controls
  • File system access
  • Simple command-line interface
  • Plugin architecture for Titanium extensions


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