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JS Charts: Free JavaScript Charts

JS Charts is a free JavaScript based chart generator that requires little or no coding. With JS Charts drawing charts is a simple and easy task, since you only have to use client-side scripting (i.e. performed by your web browser). No additional plugins or server modules are required. Just include the JS Charts scripts, prepare your chart data in XML or JavaScript Array and your chart is ready!

JS Charts lets you create charts in different templates like bar charts, pie charts or simple line graphs.

Main JS Charts Features

  • You don’t have to write code
  • It’s easy to integrate
  • It’s customizable
  • You can edit your charts online
  • You can create the three most common types of charts: bar, pie and line
  • Optionally, we host your charts on our servers
  • You can save your charts to your user account
  • It’s compatible with most web browsers
  • You don’t need any server-side plugins/modules.
  • It’s a 100% JavaScript component
  • It’s free to use and watermark-free.

JS Charts

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