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Free Background Patterns Generator

When you develop a custom web site, you need to make a background of pages. Sometimes it’s just simple color, sometimes a gradient and sometimes a pattern which is repeated horizontaly or verticaly. Whether you are good in photoshop or not, this online free tool generates background patterns or gradients very comfortable.

You just navigate yourselves to the Background Patterns Generator, select colors of the background, set canvas size, choose image if you like, rotate if necessary and that’s it! Your background pattern is ready to download and use in the project you’re working on. If you want, there are some aditional options to tune up the look of your background pattern, like texture opacity, image scale, image location in created pattern as well as its opacity and so on. You also can save your creations for later use.

Background Patterns Generator is very useful, handy, fast and easy to use online tool with wide utilization and is absolutely free.

Background Paterns Generator

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