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GoingUp: Free Web Stats With SEO Features

Very handy, powerful and free web-based website statistics service with an AJAX-rich interface and SEO features – this is GoingUp!

GoingUp! tracks every activity on your site and all data are presented nicely with charts, heatmaps, country flags, etc. With GoingUp! you can see your visitors, referring URLs and even search engine traffic, see your SEO efforts by graphing keyword positions over time, set custom tracking events to see sales, downloads and subscribes, show only the data you want to see with our slick AJAX interface and many more!

GoingUp! Features

  • Web Statistics
  • Traffic Trend Analysis
  • Keywords Referring
  • User Profile Data
  • Heat Maps
  • Monitoring of Inbound Link
  • Google Page Rank Tracking
  • Alexa Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Page Optimizer Tool
  • Keyword Density Tool

GoingUp! has also another useful free tools like Bulk Domain Analyzer, Page Rank Badges, Link & Site Diagnosis and more. Sign up, and watch as your site starts GoingUp today!

GoingUp Free Web Stats

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