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Punypng: Image File Size Reducing

Do you have large image file that loads a long time? Try to reduce its size but without any loss of image quality! The only free web tool that will help you to do it properly and easy is Punypng. This tool uses number of web optimization methods to reduce image file size. The content of an image is analyzed first and then it figures out the best image format for using.

Punypng will automatically convert your GIF into a PNG format and then further compress that. For JPEGs, sometimes it’s better to make it a PNG, and other times it’s better to keep it as JPEG and use jpeg-tran to optimize it. Punypng makes all those decisions for you and ensures the best possible results.

And how to do it? Just visit Punypng website, upload your image, wait and then download your compressed image back into you computer. It‘s quite easy, isn’t it?

Based on typical images found on the web, Punypng was benchmarked against other popular tools and libraries available. The results speak for themselves.

Punypng Image Size Reducing

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