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Ruby on Rails 1.0 Released

Ruby on Rails is an interesting open source framework system designed to create web applications based on the new programming language – Ruby. The system designed intends to be used by the web developers looking for faster web application developing methods. The system allows you to design complex web applications in just a few days time that previously took several weeks or even months to be created and run successfully.

The entire Ruby on Rails framework is designed by David Heinemeier Hansson, a web developer from Copenhagen. The main aim of the software is to help all the web developers across the world increase their web application produce taking web development to a new stratum.

Ruby on Rails combines together speed and the ease of using PHP as the scripting language with the neat programming approach of Java. This mix helps in making the scripting code easy to write, maintain and follow. The system is not quite used as the other traditional languages and tools like Java and PHP but has attracted considerable attention of web developers. Also according to various developers and analysts, learning this scripting language is easier than the standard methods. Hence, most people following it are those trying to replace java and the core C programming languages with these alternatives.

Ruby on Rails 1.0 is released and has its 1.1 version already under processing. It makes use of Model View controller (MVC) as the architectural pattern that helps in organizing the application programming better. The system is a collection of several tools that work towards making the development part easier. For instance, it embraces tools like Scaffolding (for model construction and view), Rake – Build system and WEBrick – Ruby web server.

The software is also known for making the best use of the and javascript libraries prototype for Ajax. Overall, the software with its simple coding scripts and tools has gained the attention it deserves.

Ruby on Rails 1.0

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