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Basic Security Related PHP Directives

Configuration of PHP is one of the significant security breakpoints. There is no doubt that ignoring this can lead to serious security consequencies. I’m not talking just about web applications vulnerabilities. Wrong PHP setup can allow to take your server under control by some invader. This article is trying to help you to do more for your calm sleep.

POSIX Regular Expressions in PHP

Regular expression is the basic functionality of pattern comparison. PHP offers two sets of functions for regular expressions – POSIX style and Perl style. Both types have slightly different syntax and this post should give basic overview of the POSIX one.

PHP and Excel

Many of my customers hold data in Excel files. Then, when they decide to build a web based, database driven project controlled by PHP, ask me to move their Excel data into the MySQL. Whether it’s possible and how to do it, will be the content of this post.

JavaScript XMLHttpRequest Object

XMLHttpRequest is one of the goals of AJAX technology. But what XMLHttpRequest actually is, where it comes from or how we can use it will be the content of this short post.

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