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JotForm: Online WYSIWYG Form Builder

JotForm is handy web based form building application. Since JotForm is drag-and-drop oriented, it’s very usefull for not experienced web designers or webmasters. Create new web form is as simple as just drag and drop selected fields and adjust some of their parameters, if necessary. You can work with preselected form fields by editing them or start a brand new form from scratch, following the step by step wizard.

You have so many web form related options to select from! JotForm builder menu offers not only web form basic fields like textbox, textarea, dropdown selector, checkbox, radio button and so on. Additionally, you can incorporate some advanced features into your form by using extra tools or customize the look of the form by using advanced properties.

Power Tools

  • Captcha
  • Star Rating
  • Auto Complete
  • Birthdate Picker
  • Image

Payment Tools

  • PayPal
  • GoogleCheckout
  • WordPay
  • 2Checkout
  • ClickBank
  • 1Bip

Advanced Properties

  • Title
  • Theme
  • Background
  • Thank You URL
  • Send E-mail
  • SpamCheck

The process is so simple, intuitive and visual, that there’s nothing more to write about web form creation by this online tool. Once you’re done with your web form, just click on the “Source” button and copy and paste generated HTML code into your project.

JotForm offers excellent web form wizard as mentioned earlier, good tutorials including video ones, F.A.Q. section, Forum and Blog for more information, if necessary. Using of JotForm online WYSIWYG Form Builder is free, but more building stuff and features is available in the Premium usage which costs 9USD/month. The differences between Free and Premium accounts are stated here.

JotForm Form Builder

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