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dojo: The JavaScript Toolkit

The Dojo Toolkit is an open-source JavaScript toolkit useful for building impressive web applications. It shortens the time between idea and implementation by providing an exceptionally well conceived API and set of tools for assisting and fixing the issues experienced in everyday web development. The Dojo Toolkit is scalable, fast, robust, and supplies a solid set of tools for DOM manipulation, animations, Ajax, event and keyboard normalization, internationalization and accessibility.

The Dojo in its core gives you a rich set of utilities for building responsive applications. You can choose from many great tools such as drag and drop, advanced Ajax transports, string utilities, a powerful data API, and hundreds of others to use for your exceptional internet applications.

dojo core

Skinnable, template-driven widgets with accessibility and localization built right in—the way you want it. These are just some of cool features, the Dijit offers. This system provides accessible, extensible, themeable components to drop into your web applications and sites, and a solid API for streamlining the development of your own widgets or customizing the behavior of existing widgets.

dojo dijit

Are you looking for inventive & innovative code and widgets? Do you want to visualize your data with grids and charts? Would you like to offer your apps offline? And what about cross-browser vector drawing? Sounds good? Of course, yes! You may have this and a lot more with the latest and greatest Dojo technology called Dojox!

dojo dojox

So, what are you waiting for? Still not convinced about great features and possibilities of the Dojo javascript toolkit? Well, so take a look at the Dojo demo site and enjoy dynamics! One example on behalf of all – I’m sure you all have met this cool zooming stuff somewhere on the web. Don’t you want to have it on your site? Probably yes, but may be you are worry about Dojo implementation and use. Don’t worry and be happy with Dojo Quick Start – First Steps!

dojo Javascript Toolkit

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