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Online WordPress Theme Generator

The WordPress Theme Generator is free online tool to generate unique WordPress theme without knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and all that development stuff. All you have to do is just play with settings which are in charge of your new WordPress theme look.

The goal of this WordPress Theme Generator is that any setting is immediately shown in the preview pane, on the right side of the generator page. By these means you can control your new WordPress theme look in real time. Once all parameters are set and you are satisfied with layout, colors, effects and the look as itself, just press the Save button to have all files of your new WordPress theme ready. You can download them either separately (file by file) and put into some folder or get them down all together as a ZIP file. Then, upload this package on your server into the /wp-content/themes/ directory, login to admin section and select this theme as active one. If you want to check new theme for unwanted code, use the WordPress Theme Autenticity Checker.

I’m not saying this WordPress Theme Generator is something extra cool, most probably experienced developers wouldn’t use it, but as a generator for basic WordPress theme, especially for web development beginners or non-developers who want to have their blog established in a minute, it’s quite usefull. Yes, sometimes the output looks a little bit roughly, but spend some time and play with it. Nevertheless, any theme generated by this WordPress Theme Generator can be used as a basic for further development or adjustments to comply with your visions.

Wordpress Theme Generator Screenshot

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