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idee: Multicolor Search Lab

Let’s have a situation: You’re working on some web project and need some illustrative photos which should be colored in compliance with web site design colors. How to find such shot in a deep sea of internet? It’s not easy, but fortunately idee Multicolor Search Lab offers its service.

idee Multicolor Search Lab browses two sets of milions of images and extract those ones which meet color criteria set by you. So, all you have to do is to select your prefered colors from the color picker and let the idee Multicolor Search Lab do its work. The result is collection of hundreds of photos which are in colored compliance with your web site design. This selection process is based on the idee’s Piximilar technology.

Usage of idee Luticolor Search Lab is free but returned photos are either commercial or creative common licensed, depending on what photo set you choose to be searched. There are two sets available – Alamy one and Flickr one. The first one is pure commercial, while photos from the second one are licensed under CC.

Multicolor Search Lab Flickr Set

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