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Elastic CSS Framework

Elastic is a very useful CSS framework which enables you to create elastic, fixed and liquid layouts with any column variations. Using Elastic CSS is like a conversation with the code as it uses a declarative language. It supports “combining classes” which helps creating almost any type of layout. And, it comes with a set of helper classes, to accomplish hard things by pure CSS like: same-height, full-width, and vertical-center.

Most frameworks are based on a grid system (Blueprint, 960gs, Tripoli). Elastic CSS Framework is a freestyle framework you can mix and nest any number of columns, you can even mix any number of columns, fixed-columns, and elastic-columns. Elastic is the first framework to provide a set of snippets to event make development faster in the form of snippets.

Elastic CSS Framework has many features, from which the most important are: Unlimited Nesting, Liquid Layouts, Fixed Layouts, Elastic Layouts, Contextual Refresh, Full height blocks, and many more. Elastic is not designed only for page layouts, you can layout widgets, and complex web-based applications too, and use it almost in anything related to html. Elastic CSS Framework is compatible with all major browsers.

Elastic CSS Framework

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  1. Arowolo A M says:

    Elastic CSS is really cool, and it is a must try framework

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