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Nvu is one of the best free WYSIWYG HTML editor ever created. It has started from the Mozilla Composer codebase. The original plan for the World Wide Web was for it to be used much more interactively, and early browsers such as Netscape had HTML editors built-in. Netscape morphed into Mozilla, and the full Mozilla suite still has an integrated HTML editor.

Mozilla Composer architect Daniel Glazman became the main developer of Nvu editor. Nvu has matured into an excellent, fully developed web authoring system that rivals Dreamweaver or FrontPage in many respects. Many people will prefer Nvu because it runs much more efficiently than either of the commercial applications.

Nvu is extremely easy to use for the non-technical user. If your needs are simple, you can build and maintain sites using no other tool than Nvu.

Many advanced web developers take advantage of the 4 different views available: Normal (WYSIWYG mode), HTML Tags (Tags are outlined and represented by icons), Source, and Preview. Source allows you to edit the code directly with color-coded syntax.

In addition, Nvu also has a built-in CSS editor and site manager. Other useful features include template support, table wizards, and even a table of contents generator. Integrated FTP client allows you to upload your site to your server using the site manager.

There are lots of great tutorial videos on YouTube that walk you through building a website with Nvu.


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  1. Annie17 says:

    I use an editor online, very funcional and free.
    Try , its free and simple to work on it.

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