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jCore: The Multi Site Web CMS

Content Management System jCore was developed mainly for webmasters who need to maintain multiple webpages for their clients and they want to keep the source codes up to date and very easy fix bugs for all clients at once.

This CMS has two main basic systems, jCore Server which holds all the libraries and modules you can build on, and jCore Client which is the stripped version of the core system without any libraries as it uses the ones from the core.

Main jCore Features

  • Dynamic Web 2.0 Layout
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Multiple Menus
  • Content Management
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Extensibility (Modules)
  • Content Codes
  • RSS Feeds
  • Advertisements
  • Members Management
  • SEO Friendly Links
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Password Trading Protection
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • Custom Maintenance Text

jCore uses a Dynamic Web 2.0 layout, therefore the designer’s job is absolutely separated from the developer. Designer can create new blocks (divs) from the admin area and define any css styles or javascript for them and also limit these blocks to be shown only to defined menu items or registered users or guest and even include contents in blocks without having the need for developer to do so.

The developer on the other hand can very easily write codes (Modules) that extend the website and let the designer customize these modules using their own css or js files keeping custom scripts/styles separated from the core and enabling portability.

jCore Multi Site CMS

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