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Manage Multiple Blogs by Kish Multi

Kish Multi is a perfect simple tool which helps you very easy way to maintain all your blogs from one single blog. This plugin is intended for users who want to maintain multiple blogs. It enables you to write new posts, moderate comments, reply to all comments, mark a comment as spam or pending. Very usefull feature of Kish Multi is that you can reply to each comment via email. Author of the parent comment will get all the comment replies directly to his email box.

Kish Multi Features

  • View, pending comments and posts
  • Moderate, reply and delete all comments
  • View, edit, delete posts
  • Add new posts or search posts
  • Very easy installation
  • Cross Posting Options
  • Comments reply
  • Comments reply emailed directly to the author of parent comment
  • Get related posts from all the connected blogs

You can write custom title, also description and keywords into the fields which provides All in one SEO plugin if you use it.

Kish Multi tool has very simple installation. Just download the plugin, unzip the files and upload them to the plugins directory. Don’t forget activate it and enjoy!

Kish Multi WordPress Plugin

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