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Moa: Image Gallery Website System

Want to have nice image gallery on your personal or small company website? Just try a free image gallery website system called Moa.

This application is developed in PHP and uses MySQL for data storage. Moa is not for those who want to use comments writing or photo ratings and it doesn’t require any registration or login usernames. Moa is intended only for sharing pictures from holidays, family photos and other personal photos on their websites.

Moa enables you to create galleries with sub-galleries. Keyword tags can be used on each photo included in gallery. Creating photo thumbnails is not necessary because Moa generates them automatically.

Moa Gallery Features

  • Creating galleries and sub-galleries
  • User can upload jpg images format
  • All photos are put into galleries based on keyword tags
  • Images can appear in multiple photo galleries
  • All galleries are public and have a shared top level gallery
  • Automatically generates thumbnails for the galleries
  • Interactive install script
  • Unicode support

This application allows you free usage as long as you don’t claim that you wrote it.

Moa Image Gallery

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