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OneFileCMS: Tiny Content Management System

This tiny CMS is formed of one small file. OneFileCMS is written in highly customizable PHP script without need of databases. With this tool you can view, edit, delete, upload files and folders very quickly.

OneFileCMS is useful for those who update their websites by editing the source of the files directly. User can maintain a whole website completely in web browser without any external softwares.

OneFileCMS Features

  • Markup is validated, semantic and commented. Tested in Firefox, Safari and IE7/IE8
  • Small php file (only 20.4 kb)
  • Very easy and fast installation process
  • Files renaming, deleting, copying and uploading
  • CSS and Javascript are nicely degraded
  • 100% re-brandable with page title stored in variable and a modifiable filename
  • Images and CSS are hosted externally for saving file size
  • Smart alert warns you never to leave the application without saving your edits

OneFileCMS is free for personal or non-commercial websites. To receive an exception to use this software commercially, you should purchase a $20 commercial license.


2 Responses to “OneFileCMS: Tiny Content Management System”

  1. Tommy says:

    Thanks for the plug, Teddy. You should do a follow-up post when the new version comes out!


  2. Rasti says:

    You’re welcome Tommy, it’s my pleasure to write about interesting and useful stuff. Please, feel free to add new comment when something new with your CMS, many authors do so.

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