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Free PHP CAPTCHA from Securimage

Are you fed up with spamming? You should try Securimage Captcha script to protect your forms from spam and abuse. There is no hardwork to implement Securimage into forms on your websites. Web designers can do it very easy and fast.

Securimage Captcha runs on all webservers with PHP installed and GD library support. Securimage generates complicated captcha images and also ensures the entered code was correct.

Securimage Captcha Features

  • 3 lines of code for showing an image
  • Submitted entries are validate in less than 6 lines of code
  • Code length can be customized
  • Character set options
  • Supports TTF font
  • When TTF is not available it uses custom GD fonts
  • All background images are added easily
  • You can choose from transparent, multi colored and angled text options
  • Arched lines through text
  • Generates wav audio format file of each captcha code
  • Captcha codes can use a word list for its creating

Securimage is ready to go out of the box with no configuration required. The CAPTCHA image will use the default settings as configured inside securimage.php.

Securimage PHP CAPTCHA

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