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Tinychat: Your Own Chat Room

When someone needs to chat with others or create video conference, it usually requires to download some application or fill a registration forms to become a member of some system. This is not always very comfortable, doesn’t it?

Tinychat delivers accessible solution for you. Now, everybody can have his/her own chat room or video conference without any application installation or inconvenient registrations. All you have to do is just click on “Create your room” button and send generated link to your friends to have them join you in the chat. That’s it! Easy and nice! A user can have up to twelve people in one room with High Quality video. Everything is protected by password.

What to do if users want to share their video conferences with someone else? No problem. Chatting people can record their video conference and finally embed on their websites to share.

Tinychat is very nice and funny solution for those who want to meet someone new or just watch other people on their webcam and don’t want to spend time by installation or setting up. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. There is also a version available for iPhones. Enjoy!

Tinychat Chat Room

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