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Interactive Flash Charts From amCharts

amCharts is a set of animated and interactive flash charts intended for developers and can be used on their projects and web-based products. User can zoom in or out the chart by highlighting area for better viewing. Also mouseover effect is very nice for viewing more details of the chart.

You can have 6 types of charts provided by amCharts. Stock, Line & Area, Pie & Donut, Column & Bar, Scatter & Bubble, Radar & Polar chart.

amCharts Main Features

  • Data at irregular intervals
  • Multiple data sets
  • 3D Stacked column chart
  • Floating chart
  • Auto-resizing chart
  • Saving chart as image
  • Chart with data gaps
  • Auto-reloading chart
  • Chart with value indicator
  • 100% stacked spider chart
  • …and many more

amCharts are platform-independent, and require only a browser and the Flash Player 8 or higher. All these flash charts are for free but there is only one small limitation of free version – the small link to amCharts website displayed in top left corner.

amCharts Interactive Flash Charts

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