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ColorSuckr: Color Scheme From Any Photo

Many developers and graphic designers often need various color schemes for their work. ColorSuckr is quite handy tool intended for creating color schemes based on photos. It can extract up to 12 most common colors from selected image or photo and you can use it for your artwork.

There are two ways how to get a color scheme. By pasting webpage url and ColorSuckr will scan all images and photos on webpage and you can choose some from whole selection. After clicking on selected photo ColorSuckr will generate color scheme for you. Also Flickr gives you possibility to get color scheme by entering Flickr photo page url address and ColorSuckr will find picture for you and extracts colors.

If you want to make all this work easier, just install add-on in your Firefox browser and you will not have to copy and paste urls any more. All your work will be right click on any picture on webpage and select „Extract Image Colors“ from the menu. You will be automatically redirected to the ColorSuckr website with your selected image and created color scheme.

Color Scheme from Photo by ColorSuckr

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