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Appcelerator Titanium Opens New Horizons

Most of you already know what Appcelerator Titanium is. For those who not, be advised that Appcelerator Titanium lets you build rich, native desktop and mobile phones applications with the web technologies you use today. Yes, all you need to know is HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you are ready to build applications for Windows, MAC OS X, Linux platforms as well as for iPhone and Android.

As I have briefly informed you about the Titanium Appcelerator in one of my previous posts, this platform might be very interesting for those of you who would like to develop native desktop applications with classic web technologies. Trevor Cape from Appcelerator, Inc. informed me about upgrades and new features of their Titanium, so I’m moving this information to you.

Since Appcelerator launched the mobile platform in June to expand on their desktop offering, over 8,000 web developers are now using Appcelerator Titanium to develop iPhone and Android applications using their existing web skills. Appcelerator has now opened up the Titanium Mobile beta program for anyone to start building apps today, so you can download Titanium for FREE at

Appcelerator Titanium General Updates

  • There are over 200 iPhone and Android APIs to choose from, including popular camera, geo, video, filesystem, database, and other APIs for both platforms
  • Titanium Desktop will be updated in a couple weeks to add PHP support so developers can choose from Javascript, Ruby on Rails, C++, and now PHP
  • Appcelerator will be introducing Facebook support and support for other 3rd party SDKs like advertising, analytics, and ecommerce over the coming months
  • 1000+ apps are in development
  • IDC recently featured Appcelerator as a mobile opportunity for web developers
  • Appcelerator continues to see strong adoption in the open source community. Check out Joomla! co-founder Brian Teeman’s recent blog

Appcelerator Titanium ver. 0.7 lets you build richer, more native apps exactly the way you want to. Here are some of the new mobile and desktop features that are available in this release, which you can download today:

Appcelerator Titanium Version 0.7 Highlights

  • Composite Views (mobile): display exactly what you want, where you want it by dividing up a single iPhone or Android view into multiple views
  • More UI controls (mobile): scrollable views and native pickers give you more UI options. Combine with composite views to create an app that is uniquely yours.
  • Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter integration: tap into over 300 APIs enabled by Yahoo Query Language (YQL) or build the next great social networking app powered by native Facebook or Twitter integration.
  • PHP Support (desktop): If you’re looking to hit backend services using PHP, Titanium Desktop now fully supports this language alongside Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTML, and CSS.
  • Debugging Enhancements: several improvements made to aid in your debug and QA efforts.

The Appcelerator platform allows for multiple development languages, operating systems, and devices through a layer of common (Titanium) APIs that can be controlled from a single code base. Accessing the file system or local media files, sharing a common UI, and other tasks are similarly executed across platforms, whether it’s a Twitter app for the PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, or Android. I hope that this still developing platform opens new horizons for web developers who need/like to develop applications for other environment than just web one.

Appcelerator Titanium Products

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