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Surreal CMS: Another Remotely Hosted CMS

Maybe you remember my post about Pagelime CMS. Surreal CMS is another Content Management System (CMS) which is remotely hosted. This CMS was designed with such simplicity in mind that most people who can browse the internet will be able to use Surreal CMS with little or no training.

The main principle of remote content management is in defining editable regions on each webpage using class=”editable”. Then the CMS connects to your website via FTP/SFTP, detects these regions, and provides an intuitive editing interface for your users. Within minutes, you’ll be editing websites like you never have before.

Main Surreal CMS Features

  • Manage multiple websites from one location
  • Use your existing website(s) and web host(s)
  • No software to install, update, or configure
  • Customizable theme and branding
  • Access the CMS from your own domain
  • Works with virtually any FTP/SFTP server
  • Available in eight languages!

Surreal CMS is free for up to three websites management. This Free Account is offered to anyone for personal use, but there are a few restrictions. For designers who would like to use this CMS as a solution for their clients, Surreal CMS offers a paid Designer Account which enables you to manage as many websites as you like, rebrand the CMS with your own theme and logo and access the CMS from This all just for 25 USD/month. More details about Accounts and Pricing can be found here. Surreal CMS comes now with CushyCMS support.

Surreal CMS Editor

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