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PHP 5.3.1 Released: Security Beefed Up

The new version of PHP 5.3 division is PHP 5.3.1. It has been developed by the PHP team recently. This specific version of PHP maintains the vital core of 5.3 PHP engine. Its done by looking after the steadiness and safety. As many as above 100 bugs have been fixed to all over frame work by the PHP team people.

The original version of Personal Home Pages was released in 1995 by Rasmus Leordrof. The PHP reached its third version, by then it had become the most popular and influential technical programming language. The PHP 4 initiated the elementary OOP implementations. PHP 5 shows very brief and stable OOP model, whereas the PHP 5.3 implements the namescapes.

The addition of “maximum file uploads” of INI order is the most prominent and safety conscious addition of PHP 5.3.1. It makes it convenient to upload 20 files as requested by its default system. This gets extremely essential when restricting the DOS attacks.

Many people must have not yet heard of the service rejection. The fundamental principal is, website gets crushed up with infinite requests simultaneously. This starts representing the server useless in essence. This happens because; every source is consumed in the attack. Hence, where there is server which can upload unlimitedly can bring a manufacturing server down. This will happen only if hundreds of files are uploaded from different machines.

A slow or joint server won’t handle the simultaneous uploading of 1000 files at the same time. Therefore “maximum file uploads” is better and it ensures that only 20 files are uploaded at the same time on the server.

A drastic change step has been taken forward. People who are newly introduced to PHP 5.3, comprehending to this new version is very necessary. The PHP 5.3 is very essential step in this progressive situation and it’s not simply an alteration of the older one. It’s a basic checking platform for the new PHP 6 version. The PHP 5.3 includes namespaces that itself is a new OOP.

This modification put into practice by the PHP progressive team is essentially important for the PHP community entirely.

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