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Photoshop Browser Templates

As a web designer, at one time or another, you are going to need these. Either when presenting your work to a client, or working on a high resolution monitor; adding a browser frame around your design will help you (another others) get an idea of what the site will really look like.

Yes, anyone with basic photoshop skills can make these, but remaking these templates for every project is not very effective. A .PSD file with three different browser resolutions; all with easily editable titles, address bars, scrollbars, and favicons would solve this. All you have to do is just open the PSD and place the layers on top of the design you are working on, and that’s it!

There are many of these browser templates out there, but most of them are designed using IE5 or IE6 templates. But since your browser frame should be as beautiful as your design so you can find there a template on Firefox 3.

Photoshop Browser Templates

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