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Advanced AJAX Preloader Creator

Most web developers know that status of document loading where data is on the way but browser still doesn’t have enough bytes to display requested content. In these cases, there’s good practice to inform a user that requested content is loading and will be available soon. This is much better than let a user stare at blank page without information what’s going on.

For mentioned above purposes we often use preloaders – a small graphics representing the load of data. I’m sure you all know them very well so I’m not going to explain deeper why and how we use them. But what I wanted to let you know is a location of web service which generates these preloaders for you in a moment – Advanced AJAX Preloader Creator.

All you have to do is select category of the preloader (3D, rectangular, circular or horizontal), set few params, like background color, foreground color, choose transparency, width, height, animation speed and select proportions constraint. The rest of the work is automatically done by clicking the “Generate preloader” button. Your preloader in the .gif format is ready for download in a while!

Preloader Arrows Preloader Atom Preloader Balls Preloader Bouncer Preloader Clock Preloader Globe Preloader Nuclear Preloader Scanner Preloader Snake Preloader Spheres Preloader Torus Preloader Whirpool Preloader Cube

2 Responses to “Advanced AJAX Preloader Creator”

  1. james says:

    Cool! Thank you!!!

  2. Tim says:

    Dear users of!

    We would like to inform you that has new upgrades. We have improved the preloader generating form in terms of usability. Also from now on you can set a reverse animation for the preloaders. Please check out the web-site to see the difference

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